The band started in the midst of 1998. Since then, the band has been creating a huge movement with their musics, that is a characteristic mixture of reggae and rock. The band has suffered some important changes with the members James Victoria, Jr. Montes and Luis Macias leaving the band. The new band members were Paul DiCesare and Chuy Torres, that later decided to follow a music career outside the band, which led to the reintegration of the previous band member Luis Macias. Zona 7 is the name of a rock band who's passion is to impact their generation with a message of hope, thru a musical style that young people enjoy. Originally formed by seven guys who wanted to reach the youth strategically : James Victoria -Rapper From Colombia; Luis Macias, volunteer, rapper and Bassist from Mexico; Tommy Dicesare - volunteer keyboard player and bgv's from argentina. Jr Montes- percussions from USA; Ramon (Moncho) Canizales, Guitarist from El Salvador; Raul (Rudy) Ramirez- Drums from USA and Victor J Cardenas- lead vocalist from USA. ¿Como me Ves? was the firs full length CD of Zona 7 produced by Emmanuel Espinosa, with a different punch than most of the recordings in this genera. The Cd was released in the summer of 1999 under the Canzion Producciones record Label. The Latin rock band Zona 7 dedicated itself to promote their recording touring inside and outside the US. We shared many flight hours and many long hours on the road, we practically lived together for three years. During this time we realized that what brought us more satisfaction out of the sacrifice we made as a band, was seeing all those young people come to Christ in middle of the music, concerts and events. We received letters and emails about kids who had invited their non christian friends to come and listen to our crazy music, but it injected life. Many of their friends changed their ways just by listening to the music. In the year 2001 Zona 7 released a record with a spanish band called Comision. The recording called CZ7 was released by the label Vida Music. This praise and worship recording has the purpose to offer the youth a Praise and worship style "a la Zona7". We know that this recording, even though it is not a Zona 7 style rock recording, has been a blessing for thousands of young people that enjoy praise and worship. After three years of work, Zona 7 took a very deserved break and made a drastic turn and adjustments for the future work of 2002 and beyond. I realize that God takes each one of us to complete our personal goals and dreams, and as a band we can not be selfish towards what each member wants to do personally. In the private side of the band, Raul Ramirez (Rudy the drummer), is getting ready for his wedding to Jennifer his girlfriend of 6 years, this May. In spite of his wedding, he is ready an willing to keep up with the band and see what is coming up for Zona 7. Tommy Dicesari (Keyboards) is getting ready to be a Dad again. Tommy is still in the band and now he is also Rapping. Luis Macias is making an effort on his academic carrier and has asked us to give him time to finish his studies. I admire Luis for wanting to finish his academic career. The truth is that I know that this music thing is not in most cases eternal, and that you must think about everything. Luis is back home studying and working and some day he will come back and we will be rocking together. Ramon (Moncho) Canizales, is producing several music projects and he is still faithfully traveling with the band, and Victor is taking care of his family, Otra Onda, and his businesses, he is still the lead singer of the band. Jr Montes decided to move to Nashville to begging a Music Management business along side his wife Melissa. I know that God will bless them and that they will see all their dreams come true. I tell the young people that dream of having a music ministry, that my friends of Zona 7 are doing a good job, balancing the responsibilities of a private personal life with the pressures of being part of a rock band. You have to set your feet on solid ground and be willing to pay the price to be able to make it to the final goal. The future will be a challenge for Zona 7, with the production of 2 new CDs, with the goal of reaching two worlds, and an extensive tour thru High Schools across USA, to promote values and inject strategically the message of hope. In the first four months of 2002 they will be in more than 20 High Schools given concerts. This time with a new vision, to be able to reach the world that has not yet heard. The first production in 2002 that the band will record is an English record . Zona 7 is going to record the songs of the Cd "Como Me Vez?" in english. The name of the CD has not been decided yet. The purpose of this CD is to give Zona 7 a tool for evangelism in the US inside the schools. As a goal Zona also wants to start the process to cross over to the secular market in the US and Latin America, and at the same time be able to cater to the needs of the english speaking section of the body of Christ. Zona is doing this so that they don't get lock down in one market and to be able to expand their reach as much as possible. Part of the plan is to make presentations in concerts and secular places (like clubs, and music festivals) with a evangelistic message thru the lyrics of the songs. Zona 7 enjoys very much edifying the body of Christ, but the belief of the members of the band is that they have to make an effort the young people who does not know our Lord yet. This is way Zona 7 wants people not to criticized them and understand what is must be done. The Other Production,In which the band is already working is called "No me Critiques" (Don't Criticize me). Zona 7 is concentrating in writing lyrics that can cross over to a new unreachable market for christian music. They are already working on the music and the style of their second production. There already is a 3 song demo of the production rolling around , where people can tell that the style and strength of the band is not going to be less but at the contrary, it will be harder with stronger rhythms and more direct lyrics. This production is being developed with a evangelistic purpose and as part of the plan to cross over to the secular market. I am convinced that there are people who have been called not to conform to a religious life but to be able to portrait Jesus to a world that needs to know Him. We are willing to pay the price and to wait for God to take us where He wants to take us. Thru out the years, Zona 7 has meet and received support from many people and it would be impossible to recognize everybody who has support us but I want to thank some who have impacted our lives. First, our families, Shira, Jesslian, Jeniffer, the Macías, Melissa and the Montes bunch, la mara de Moncho, my wife Areli y and my little ones Esteban Y Jonathan who understand that we cannot be home every day and that we are out there carrying the message out. To Marcos & Miriam, Juan & Ruth, Emanuel & Linda, Sergio & Laura, & to all of the canzion team. Alfonzo & Merci and the EDECAN team, Arturo Allen and the Vida Music team, David Coyotl and the IPI team, David & Tessie and the Vida Cristiana /Casa Creación team, Gustavo & Gladdis and the World Vision team, Annette & Giovanni of Vida Rock, Alex & Susana Allen of Orbita X, Miguel & Addi Cassina of Soldados de Jesús, Luis & Erica Mellado, Comisión & Contra Corriente, Sergio Simone, Juan Verican and the TDS team. Abdo & Rossi of Audio Sabag, Luis Chi Sing, Sam Rodríguez and the Editorial Caribe team, Amarilis Rivera and the One Creative Group team, Rev. Emilio Reyes and the American Bible Society team. Gerardo & Lupita Cárdenas & CCAO. To pastor Benjamín Rivera, Jessie & Mary Pérez, Abel and Mary López, Gerardo Espejel. Chico, Mere González & Noé Sánchez of Goel Forwarding, César Garza and the Aguiluchos team together with everybody who participated in Fuerza Aerea de Jesus, Paco Palafox & Fermín IV. Elvira & Mauricio (Blue Berry boy) Jeffrey & Vinnona de León, Alex Valdovinos (Líderes Juveniles / Visión Joven), Lucas & Valeria Leys & LAGRAM, Larry Acosta, Mondy and Deb. Cano of Teen Vision, and everybody who has been part of Otrao Onda. Raquel, Jr, Geno V, Juan K, Eric and Patty, Vicky, Josdie, Max T, Sandra, Luisa and the board of directors of Otra Onda. All the pastors, youth leaders, and organizations who have invited us all over the world. The bookstores and distributors who have sold our music, thank you very much. To all the Media, magazines, news papers, radio and tv stations who have supported us always. An of course to the person for who we do and continue to do all of this, Jesus. And so Zona 7 will make an effort to carry to completion the mission that Christ has given us, doing it Zona 7 style (with rock, Moshe pits and many other crazy things) but the fruits we give and will give, will confirm that we are one of the bands that make a difference in our generation. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.