There are at least two artists performing as Zoro. 1. a Japanese band 2. a South African singer by the name of Zolile Matikinca ZORO (previously known as ゾロ) is a two-member experimental electronic rock band from Tokyo, Japan. From 2007 to 2011, they were a four-member band known as ゾロ, and were signed to DANGER CRUE/SKY CRUE records, a sub-label of MAVERICK D.C Group. However, as of July 2011, after coming back from an indefinite hiatus following the departure of two of their members, they officially changed their name to ZORO, and are now on their own independent label, Jesse. ZORO's formation came after guitarist タイゾ (Taizo), and drummer 裕哉 (Yuya) announced their withdrawal from the band in December of 2010. Vocalist 龍寺 (Ryuuji) and bassist たつひ (Tatsuhi) stated that they would continue ゾロ's activities, and the two prepared for their comeback throughout early 2011. During this time, the bands official website was updated with a member recruitment announcement seeking a new guitarist and drummer to fill the void left by タイゾ and 裕哉. In July of 2011, ゾロ's official website was updated with information about the bands future activities, including the date of their first oneman live, and copyright information about the bands new independent label, Jesse. Only 龍寺 and たつひ appear on the updated website, with the member recruitment announcement still present. Some weeks later, the band, now known officially as ZORO, announced the release of their first single as a two-member band, POLICE. 「Official Site」 「Discography」 Singles: 2011.09.21: POLICE 2012.02.29: 薔薇肉 2012.07.25: HOWL Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.